Travel club lounge

The ‘Travel club lounge’ (by SSP-TFS), more popularly known as the ‘Sama Sama’ lounge is located in the KLIA2 Airport at Malaysia. ‘Sama Sama’, in the local Malay language means ‘You’re welcome’, and is often used as a response to when someone says ‘thank-you’.

This lounge holds a special place in our hearts at MDS, as it was our first project where we offered and executed a full scope of all the services and processes from concept to design documentation to M&E to support during execution.

Our inspiration for the design arose from the progressive, multicultural and dynamic nation of Malyasia, coupled with the rich mature gardens, diverse traditions, arts and craftsmanship of Kuala Lumpur.

The lounge is compact, measuring an area of 4,700 sq. ft, but still consists of a full-fledged production kitchen, a live cooking counter, a bar, dining areas, work areas, relax zones and even a Spa. Our pursuit of comfort and quality design led us to design a custom bench seating in the heart of the lounge to let fliers calmly unwind in luxury but also keep them connected to the hustle and bustle of the airport and travelers all around them. The side and coffee tables are equipped with ample USB ports and chargers for phones and laptops so that everyone has access to a charging port from the comfort of their seats. They can also be integrated with headsets and tablets which connects the visitor to the in-lounge entertainment system.

The lounge is essentially a refurbishment of the lobby zone of the incumbent airport hotel, which presented quite a few challenges during design. For example, the shape of the unit was very linear and it was built over a raised floor with ducting underneath, and the ceiling/ wall profiles which dipped in and out to respect the shape of the airport building. Despite all of this, the final look & feel is bold, trendy and with an eclectic mix of finishes that is pleasing to the eye and provides unparalleled comfort.

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